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Smugglers Spotted Near Dorset Coast


A group of smugglers, led by the infamous Sydney, the miniature smuggler, has been spotted off the coast of Bournemouth.


It is believed they are attempting to smuggle to shore a new children’s book, The Windycutts, the second adventure in Ged Duncan’s popular Puzzling Smuggling series.


Sources close to the smugglers inform us that they will be landing a barrel of books on the beach.  Smugglers will then carry the barrel to Waterstone’s Bookshop in Bournemouth town centre.


“Sydney has smuggled tea into coves and brandy onto beaches.  This is the first time he has tried to smuggle books into a bookshop,” said one hairy smuggler who wished to remain anonymous.


We understand that Sydney has used Waterstone’s successfully in the past.  Here he has passed on copies of Ged’s first Puzzling Smuggling book, The Probblehem, right under the noses of customs officers.


Despite this law breaking, support for Sydney from the public remains strong: “Sydney is brave for a little person”, said Katherine, aged 8, while Abigail, aged 9, laughed “I like the way they fooled the customs men”.


We are requesting help from members of the press in recording the activities of these notorious smugglers.


If the landing is successful, the author will then be reading from the books and signing copies.


Can you film them dragging the books across the sand, or photograph their journey through Bournemouth town centre? Perhaps you can sneak a microphone into the shop and record his tales of smuggling?


If so please contact:


            For more information and to organise interviews

          or photocalls please contact Dom Kippin on 01202

          299449 or Ged Duncan on 01929 400757.