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Praise from young readers:

 'Adventurous, comical, magical and surprising.  Unlike any story I have ever read.'  Amy, aged 9

'Boggleration!  I think the way Sydney speaks is cool!'  Billy, aged 9

'Wonderful.  I thought the bit with the pig was really funny.'  Lucy, aged 10

'Excellent.  It's unusual and original.  You should read it.' Henry, aged 10

UK Orders

Including Postage and Packing

  The Probblehem - 5.99

The Windycutts  - 5.99  

The Prestlegang - 5.99

Order all three Sydney the Smuggler books for only 15 

All books bought from this site are signed by the author.  If you would like your book(s) dedicated, return to this page after you have ordered and email the name(s) you would like in your dedication here

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The Probblehem

The WindyCutts

The Prestlegang



Plug lives with his grandparents in small fishing village on the coast of England.  He makes an startling discovery in a hidden drawer which leads to incredible adventures in the same village....but back in the time of the smugglers.  See free stuff for samples



And older readers too!

'Sydney the Smuggler is only as tall as your hand but has a heart as big as a mountain...not bad for someone who can only speak in rhyme.'  Michael

' I read from 'The Probblehem' to a family group with ages ranging from seven to seventy.  In between the laughter, you could have heard a pin drop. Wonderful stuff - far better than the telly'  John

   ..inventive and often very funny...'  Fern   

Non UK - Orders

The Probblehem -  $9.99.  Postage and Packing $2.99 

The Windycutts $9.99.  Postage and Packing $2.99

Order The Probblehem and The Windycutts together -  Only $15

Postage and Packing $4.50



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